An Introduction To Worship In The Anglican Church

The Anglican Church of Mexico


Liturgy our work for the “form of worship.” It literally means “the work of the people.” 

A Collet is a short prayer that follows a basic format.

The Proper Preface is a seasonal introduction to the Prayer of Consecration over the bread and wine during the Eucharist.

Acolytes are lay people who assist in the service.

The Crucifer carries the cross and the Chalice Bearer is the person who distributes the wine which is held in a chalice.

There are six seasons of the Church Year and each has any special color. Beginning 4 weeks before Christmas is Advent (purple or blue), Christmas is (white or gold), Epiphany (green except for the first and last Sundays which are white), Lent is (purple), Easter (white) and Pentecost season (green). Pentecost Day itself is red to signify the fire of the Holy Spirit. The week preceding Easter, known as the Holy Week, is normally a deep red to represent the blood of Christ. Feast days throughout the year are white or red, depending on the person or event that is being commemorated.

**This Introduction to Worship in the Anglican Church is based on Welcome to St. Andrew's Anglican Church written by former actor, The Rev. Michael Percival.