Senior Warden's Annual Report at the AGM

St. Andrew’s has been through another year of substantial change.  Our year began on a positive note when Fr. Glenn Chalmers accepted the call to be our Rector.  He conducted his first service on March 4th.

Unfortunately, over the  course of the next few months he decided that he had made the wrong decision and he resigned as Rector in July.

Thankfully, we are a resilient parish and we have wonderful people willing to step up and keep our church functioning.  Father Winston Welty, Rev. Robbin Moore, Mother Liza Spangler and Pastor Roger Erickson,

Serving as our clergy associates and supply priests  have enabled us to have Holy Eucharist every Sunday since Fr. Chalmer’s departure.

I was appointed Sr. Warden in June, just prior to Fr. Chalmers departure.  Fortunately, for me, Sylvia Stard agreed to come on as Jr. Warden, even though she was already involved in many different activities.

In Sept. Vestry revised and updated our Sunday School Policy with a renewed emphasis on Anglican Christian education beginning at the age of five.  We introduced a new format  which is being taught by our seminarian, Diana  Chavolla with the assistance of  a lay assistant, Jovana Rodriguez.  Currently there are between 6 to 10 children in attendance.

In line with our new Helping Hands Initiative, Jovana has been awarded the first Helping Hands scholarship by Outreach so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

Barbara Ransehousen ensures that nutritious snacks are provided for our students each Sunday.  Thank you, Barbara.

Todo Bueno has continued to generate tremendous funds and Outreach was able to distribute almost 500,000 pesos to Lakeside charities and scholarships.  Thanks go to Outreach chair Jane Wileman and the committee for their wonderful work. 

 As you know, Jane came on as our Treasurer and we really owe her a debt of gratitude for doing so.

Thanks to Maria Elena Echeveste, we became a functioning AR in October.  We received a substantial anonymous donation to pay for the services of our accountant who has long experience in AR procedures.

Social and Hospitality and the Company of Gentlemen have been especially generous to us this year.  Not only by giving us wonderful social events but also through their generosity, we have been able to upgrade our computer system, and they  purchased sturdy and safe chairs to replace the old chairs.

I want to thank Deacon Don Snell  for his seven year’s of service to St. Andrew’s.  It was a pleasant surprise to see him back at the altar last Sunday.

Thanks to Madelyn Fisher for her service to pastoral care, Ro Crabtree for taking flowers to shut ins and others, Ann Price for the four years that she devoted to flower guild, Pam Shaw for getting our financial records in shape.  David Salyers for  instructing and assigning our acolytes.  Mike Myers for taking over Altar Guild.

Thanks to Wayne Rudy who continues to keep our church and rectory running. To Tim Welch and our wonderful choir.  And to all of our other volunteers, too numerous to name.

I want to make special mention of our Office Manager, Alejandra  Martinez-Valencia who has taken control of the office and has it functioning efficiently.  She has also set us up on social media and so many new people have become aware of St. Andrew’s and all that we do.

Our bishop, Ricardo Gamez Osnaya has been especially supportive of our parish.  He has enlisted the services of Fr.  Ernest Buchanan of So. Texas to help prepare us to conduct a successful search for a new Rector.  Bishop Ricardo came to our last Vestry meeting.  Just to let you know how supportive he is, he came out on the bus due to the gas shortage.

Thank you to Vestry.  You have been supportive and you have lifted my spirits when that has been needed.  Thanks to our parish recorder, Sheree Nuncio who makes sure that I dot my I’s and cross my t’s, keeps me on the straight and narrow and has been my sounding board.

I have been honored to serve as Senior Warden these past seven months.  A heartfelt thanks to you, the people of this parish for your patience, understanding and kindness which is helping us move forward positively and on to better times.

-Penny Reynolds, Senior Warden


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Primate: The Rt. Rev. Francisco Manuel Moreno

Bishop of Western Mexico: Obispo Ricardo Joel Gómez Osnaya

Rector: TBA

Deacon: The Rev. Don Snell 

Clergy Associate: The Rev. Winston W. Welty

Clergy Associate: The Rev. Hal Brown

Minister of Music: Timothy G. Ruff Welch


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