To the Congregation of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church:

I have some good news for you today; it is another step forward in our search for a new Rector. Some background information first. In December the Search Committee told the Vestry that they had been approached with a novel idea for a Rector and a candidate for the position. The idea was to have co-Rectors, instead of one Rector, for the stability, breadth, and depth they would provide within the worship service as well as all other aspects of church life. The candidate to be one of the co-Rectors was our own Reverend Robbin Moore Del Nagro. Vestry asked the Search Committee to take some time to delve more deeply into the proposition of a co-rectorship at St. Andrew’s and to conduct an interview with the Reverend Robbin; members of the Vestry were asked to do the same thing.

In January, after conducting interviews, investigating co-rectorships in other countries, consulting with our own bishop, conducting long discussions at meetings and doing a lot of praying both in the Search Committee as well as the Vestry, the Search Committee recommended the following: the Search Committee has unanimously nominated the Reverend Robbin Moore Del Nagro to serve as a permanent co-Rector of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, with the understanding that the Rev. Robbin Moore Del Nagro would immediately begin as the Priest-in-Charge until a second co-Rector is identified and called, at which time the Rev. Robbin Moore Del Nagro would become the co-Rector. The Search Committee would immediately begin the search for a second permanent co-Rector. If in that process, a qualified individual is identified who would prefer to serve as a permanent part-time Rector instead of a co-Rector, it is our understanding that the Reverend Robbin Moore Del Nagro would step down as co-Rector. The Vestry accepted this recommendation by majority vote and, following protocol, petitioned Bishop Ricardo Gomez Osnaya to appoint the Reverend Robbin Moore Del Nagro as our Priest-in-Charge until such time as a second co-Rector could be called. He did that this past week so it is now official. Rev. Robbin will begin her service at St. Andrew’s on February 2nd, Candlemas Sunday. Thank you to the Search Committee and the Vestry for the long hours and dedication they gave to this process. And continued prayers for the Search Committee as they continue to work toward identifying a suitable co-Rector to work with Rev. Robbin.

Yours in Christ,

Sheree Nuncio

Senior Warden

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AGM 2020

The Annual General Meeting for 2020 will take place on Sunday, February 16th. Please plan on staying after the service that day to participate in the annual administrative meeting of the church as well as of St Andrew's Anglican Church, AR. 


We will have the second of three Taizé services, led by Timothy G. Ruff Welch on Wednesday, 

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Bishop's Ham Dinner

Friday, February 21st

Social - 4:30 pm followed by

Comida -  5:00 pm

Cost:  $300 pesos per person

Proceeds from this event will go towards the expenses for Bishop Ricardo to attend the Anglican Conference in England that is held once every 10 years.  

Pancake Supper

Please join us on Tuesday, February 25th, The Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper sponsored by the Company of Gentlemen. Pancakes, applesauce, sausage, all for $50 pesos. Social hour begins at 4pm followed by Comida at 5pm. Sign up today.

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