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Vestry Members, Staff and Committees

Vestry Members and Terms:

Because the majority of the Parishioners are retired, St. Andrew’s has a strong body of volunteers who work on different committees. Many of the administration and organizational responsibilities of the Rector are currently being managed by chairpersons of these various committees that were put into place in 2001. At this time there are twelve active committees in the parish.

The Vestry is made up of nine full time members and three seasonal members.

St. Andrew’s has a number of Parish Ministers who serve under the general umbrella of the Worship Committee. This committee assists the Rector in planning the Sunday Eucharist and other services, as well as in training newcomers in these ministries. The Parish Ministers consist of the Altar Guild, Choir, Acolytes, Chalicers, Readers, Ushers and Greeters.

Parish Ministers:  A group of lay and clergy dedicated to serving the pastoral needs of members of our congregation, especially a visitation program.  There are several elements we’d like you to know about:

    1.  This visitation program is a benefit we offer whether you attend church every Sunday or not.  It is meant for those who are alone or who need someone to talk to.

    2.  If you’d like a visit from a member of our group – for whatever reason, not necessarily medical - please call Bernice Parris, the coordinator at 766.4270 or me.  She or I will see you are visited.  You may request a one-time visit or an on-going one.

    3.  Privacy will be kept.  Information will only be shared with those whom you wish to know.

The Vestry members elect their own leaders: Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and Associate Wardens, each of whom serves one or two years. The Church also approves a treasurer, and a secretary (or parish clerk), who is responsible for the minutes of each Vestry meeting. (* Seasonal Member)

Name Office Term
Laura Foster Senior Warden 2019
Kathie Cunningham Junior Warden 2018
Kate Adams   2017
Ed Donald   2017
Sheree Nuncio   2017
Cheri Ware   2017
Sam Ditch   2018
Cyndi Bosch   2019
Carol Van Gorp   2019
Sheree Nuncio * Parish Recorder (appointed not elected Vestry Member)
Tim Altman Building and Grounds Chair
Susan Roy Volunteer Coordinator


*According to the Parish By-Laws, the appointed Parish Recorders are Officers of the Congregation, and members of the Vestry with voice but no vote.


Primate: The Rt. Rev. Carlos Touché Porter
Bishop: The Rt. Rev. Lino Rodriguez Amaro
Rector: The Rev. Bryan Beveridge

Deacon: The Rev. Don Snell

Clergy Associate: The Rev. Iris Slocombe
Clergy Associate: The Rev. Winston W. Welty
Clergy Associate: The Rev. Hal Brown
Clergy Associate: The Rev. Dr. Leo Theriault

Minister of Music: Timothy G. Ruff Welch

Committee Chairs and Terms:

Acolytes - Susan Roy Office Administration & Archives - Norinne Nelson
Altar Guild - June Heath Outreach - Laura Foster
Book Club - Kate Adams Property Rentals - Dick Nelson
B,G & A - Tim Altman Readers - Sheree Nuncio
Columbarium - Tim Altman Rector Transition - Penny Reynolds/Ken Jones
Communications & Publicity - Wayne Rudy Reactor Transition Search Committee - Don Pruitt
Company of Gentlemen - Al Borchardt Social & Hospitality - Sylva Stard
Education - Norinne Nelson Stewardship, Planned Giving - Ken Jones
Finance - Chris Manning Volunteer Coordinator - Susan Roy
Flower Guild - Ann Price Webmaster - Georgina Russell
Greeshers - Al Fella Welcome - Don Wilson
Membership - Don Sime Worship - Don Pruitt
Music & Choir - Tim Welch  

The Finance Committee with two volunteer treasurers oversees budget planning and other financial matters. Audits are preformed annually. St. Andrew’s has no formal Stewardship program in place.

The Buildings Committee is composed of three sub-committees: Buildings, Grounds and Activities. Together they care for the church properties that include the church itself, the office building and the Rectory located in Chula Vista.

The Company of Gentlemen meets in the church kitchen for breakfast on the second Wednesday of each month. They assist the Social and Hospitality Committee with Church social functions and other charitable organizations with their fundraisers. All money raised is used to support activities in the local area, such as treating a group of children to a professional soccer match in Guadalajara.

We are making an effort to give back to and help the local Mexican community in as many ways. The Outreach Committee researches community charities and advises the Vestry on the distribution of funds that are raised through various fundraising events. The most important of these is the annual Christmas Bazaar, known as the Regalorama. They also organize a Christmas House Tour, auctions and other events. In 2005 over $240,000 pesos was distributed to local charities.

St. Andrew’s church family believes in the power of fellowship. The Social and Hospitality Committee is a great group of men and women who hosts the weekly after-service Coffee Hour held in the Church garden, organize parties, potluck suppers, brunches and other Parish social events. They oversee our Harvest Comida (a combined Canadian and U.S. Thanksgiving celebration), Shrove Tuesday Pancake Comida and our annual Christmas CarolFest. In addition to welcoming new members, the Social and Hospitality committee prepares welcome-wagon style packages of information about our community as well as our church. The packages are distributed at the Newcomers Reception parties that allow new members the opportunity to meet people who have been attending St. Andrew’s for years.

The women members of the Parish meet for lunch on the fourth Tuesday of each month for the Ladies Luncheon held either at someone’s home or at a local restaurant. The gentlemen of the church share fellowship and lunch on the third Tuesday of each month at a restaurant in the Lakeside area. Both visitors and friends of members are welcomed at these events.

The Stewardship Committee takes over the ongoing responsibilities from the Stewardship Implementation Committee which completed its tasks earlier this year. Please continue to provide your support to this important Ministry in St Andrew's.

The Church Office is staffed every morning by volunteer members of the congregation who answer the phone and take messages. In consultation with the Rector, others prepare Sunday bulletins and lections, update Parish records, prepare the Parish Membership Directory. The chief component for communication with members of St. Andrew's congregants, either at lakeside or north, is handled through the St. Andrew's website http://www.standrewsriberas.com. which is updated on a weekly basis by our webmaster.

Since music is a very important part of our worship, it is fortunate that St. Andrew’s is blessed with a magnificent choir and very talented organist/choirmaster, Timothy G. Ruff Welch.

Please contact Fr. Beveridge with any inquiries regarding worship or pastoral care.