Archived Sermons by The Rev. Winston W. Welty

for 20102011 Liturgical Calendar (PDF format)

Proper 28A 2011: When I See Three Oranges

Proper 27A 2011: Decisions That Make A Difference

All Saints A 2011: Whiskey Priest Saints

Proper 25A 2011: Fundamentalists, One and All

Proper 24A 2011: Two Different Worlds

Proper 23A 2011: Put on Your Red Shoes, Baby

Ordination to the Diaconate (James R. Priddy): Get Up, Get At It, Get Going

Proper 22A 2011: The Myth of Ownership

Proper 21A 2011: The Yes and No Brothers

Proper 20A 2011: Ninevites and Ne'er Do Wells

Proper 19A 2011: How Many #$%&* Times? 

Proper 18A 2011: Three Strikes... And Then What?

Proper 17A 2011: Advice: Be Who You Are

Proper 16A 2011: Rocky's Faith

Proper 15A 2011: Loving Beyond Our Limits

Proper 14A 2011: Saved by Doubt

Proper 13A 2011: Compassion Fatigue

Proper 12A 2011: Pearls from Pain

Proper 11A 2011: The Untidy Kingdom

Proper 10A 2011: Does God Need A Majority?

Proper 9A 2011: Can't You Take A Yoke?

Proper 8A 2011: From Hospital to Hospitality

Trinity Sunday A 2011: You Don't Have To Explain It!

Pentecost A 2011: God Is Not Nice

Easter 7A 2011: Looking Around for God

Easter 6A 2011: The God I Don't Believe In

Easter 5A 2011: The Way, The Truth and the Life Style

Easter 4A 2011: Knowing the Voice

Easter 3A 2011: Blessed Brokenness

Easter 2A 2011: Leaning on the Church

Easter A 2011: Running To Easter

Good Friday 2011: The Seven Last Words of Pilate

Maundy Thursday 2011: Two Washings

Palm Sunday A 2011: What A Friend He Had in Judas

Lent 5A 2011: Can This Stardust Live? (The Rev. Iris Slocombe)

Lent 3A 2011: Why Borg and I Got Mad at John (The Rev. Dr. James Priddy)

Lent 2A 2011: Coming to Jesus at Night

Lent 1A 2011: What Will We Choose?

Ash Wednesday 2011: Lord, Who Threw Out Those Forty Days

Epiphany 8A 2011: None of Us is Home Yet

Epiphany 6A 2011: Words are Weapons

Epiphany 5A 2011: Super Righteousness

Epiphany 4A 2011: Fortunate Failures

Epiphany 3A 2011: What If They Had Said No

Epiphany 1A 2011: On A Clear Day

Christmas 2 2011: It Could Go Either Way

Christmas 1 2010: Full of Grace and Truth

Christmas Day 2010: The Word Became Gabriella Raphael

Christmas Eve 2010: Away with the Stable

Advent 4A 2010: Believing the Unbelievable

Advent 3A 2010: Disillusioned? Good!

Advent 2A 2010: Whose Reality? Whose Reason?

Advent 1A 2010: Wanted, Dead and Alive

Past Sermons by The Rev. Winston W. Welty for 20092010 Liturgical Calendar


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