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Membership in St. Andrew's Church, Lakeside

Recognizing the special circumstances that apply to churches with a large number of seasonal visitors/members, for the purpose of defining membership in St. Andrew's Church, the following guidelines have been approved by the Bishop and the Bishop's Committee:
  1. Any baptized person living in the Lakeside area year-round, who attends St. Andrew's Church on a regular basis and is "faithful in working, praying and giving for the spread of Christ's Kingdom" (BCP. p. 856) may be considered a member.
  2. Any baptized person who spends part of each year in the Lakeside area, and attends St. Andrew's Church for three months may after that time be considered a full member of the congregation, with voting privileges.
  3. Any baptized member of the Worldwide Anglican Communion who is a permanent or seasonal resident in the Lakeside area is automatically a member of St. Andrew's Church for the period he/she is resident here, and may have voice and vote at parish meetings."

Note: All baptized persons over the age of sixteen who are present at any Annual Parish Meeting will be permitted to have seat and voice, but not vote unless they meet any one of the above requirements.

It is expected that those who consider themselves members will fulfill their responsibility to be supportive of the ministry of St. Andrew's Church, as defined in paragraph #1.

Nomination of "snow-birds" to the Vestry:

"Snow-bird" members over the age of sixteen may be nominated for membership of the Vestry. However, such members should accept only if they anticipate being able to attend a minimum of four meetings each year.

Transfer of Membership

Although it is not mandatory, year-round members are warmly invited to transfer their membership formally to St. Andrew's Church, by requesting a Letter of Transfer from their home parish church, or (if not already a member of the Anglican Church) by Confirmation, or formal Reception by the Bishop.